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    Jiangwan Shenmu Garden  is located in Chengdu South 110 kilometers away, 30 kilometers away from the Sansu Temple,46 kilometers away from Leshan,  west of Mount Emei 55 kilometers, 63 kelometers east to Heilongtan.Through the Expressway Qingshen exports will enter the Meishan Qingshen fast channel.After 16 minutes, you can be arrived at.Minjiang river is in the east of the scenic area.You can overlook Zhongyan Temple,the west is red Xishan, the north is the downtown of Qingshen, the south is the Museum of the Chinese Bamboo Arts and the total area of the scenic spot is about 106000©O.There are 12 kilometers of Minjiang River is for the sake of water entertainment,housing area is about 38000©O,green coverage rate reached 62%.The scenic area regards the Minjiang river culture as the soul,the ecological leisure as the main,takes the water tourism project for the extension of the development .Scenic area gathers catering, accommodation, entertainment, exhibition and vacation.It¡¯s built according to the national AAAA level scenic spots .
     Jiangwan Shenmu Garden is owned  by the Sichuan Province Jiangwan Shenmu Garden  Investment Co. Ltd.Aiming at building the first garden of the southern Sichuan,scenic area has been built Shenmu Pavilion,Yingjiang Building,Dongpo Corridor,near water Villa,swimming pool,Reception Center Tourist and more.
     The park's construction are all antique buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasty,gray bricks and tiles,carved beams and painted rafters.Dongpo Corridor is winding and quiet.Landscape ,the figural representations and poetry around the corridor.In the garden ,ancient trees tower to the sky,the ground covered by many curious stones
.The river glinted in the sun,the mountain is misty in drizzle,there is a profound cultural heritage.Shenmu Pavilion has a rich collection,everywhere is priceless treasure.There are ebonies honored as¡°the eastern shenmu¡±by European ,also a lot of rare trees from rainforest and many sculptures by using these wood.
     Jiangwan Shenmu Garden is a shining pearl of the southern Sichuan,it¡¯s a rare holiday resort.

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